About us

About us

  • From 1935 to 2012, foreign buyers’ purchase of Turkish real estate was restricted by many legal obstacles – the reciprocity law.

  • However, this requirement was repealed by the Land Registration Law of May 3, 2012, which opened the doors of  real estate investment to foreigners in Turkey in absolute terms, with the abolition of the requirement of reciprocity to intervene Turkey to the ranks of countries attracting real estate investment strongly.

  • Immediately, Mr. Fouad Badawi founded gate Istanbul for investment &real estate consulting.

  • Gate Istanbul is a gateway for all investors from all over the world who wish to invest in real estate.

  • Because this work is not easy and requires a lot of effort, the company has taken responsibility for providing the appropriate properties and opportunities free of legal and technical problems that can lead to the desired profit.

  • Over the past years, the company has been to provide the best possible services in the field of investment and real estate consultancy to its customers in the world.

  • Is a Turkish real estate consultancy company in Istanbul. It has several representative offices in Yelwa as well as outside Turkey in the UAE as well as a representative office in the State of Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The company has many agreements and companies with the most reliable real estate companies approved by the Turkish government.

  • The company focuses on Arab and foreign investors around the world and works to find investment opportunities that suit their needs and aspirations.


We aim to be the best real estate company in Turkey by working together to fulfill our commitments to our customers.

our message

To be a real estate company with a high responsibility and creativity and innovation approach and provide services and competitive opportunities of high quality to meet the needs of its customers and contribute to motivate employees and achieve the aspirations of investors.

Our mission

Our mission is to maximize the returns of investors through professionalism in providing real estate services

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