Applying for Trade Registry of Your Company

In order to establish a company in Turkey, you should submit the memorandum and articles of association online at MERSIS which is the central trade registry system.

The following documents are required for registry application at the relevant Trade Registry Office of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce which are located in Perpa, Kadıköy or Giyimkent:

  • Notarized articles of association (four copies, one original)
  • In case the foreign partner is a real person, for each real person shareholder, two copies of their passports
  • In case the foreign partner is a legal entity, the required documents are:
    • The Certificate of Activity of the legal entity designated as the shareholder issued by the relevant authority in the investor’s country. The certificate must bear information regarding the current status and signatories of the company.
    • Resolution(s) of competent corporate organ of legal entity shareholder(s) authorizing the establishment; if there will be any specific condition for the prospective company to be incorporated (name of the company, field of activity, etc.) it must be stated in the resolution for the sake of clarity.
    • In case a legal entity is going to be appointed as a member in the board of directors of the prospective company to be incorporated, the name of the real person who will act in the name of the legal entity and the legal entity board member’s appointment must be stated within the same or with a separate resolution for the sake of clarity.
    • If the process is going to be followed by proxy, a notarized copy of a power of attorney authorizing the attorneys who will follow up the application before the competent Trade Registry Office and other official authorities in order to proceed with the application (where applicable).
  • Notarized signature declarations (two copies)
  • Notarized identity cards of the company managers (one copy)

All the necessary documents that are issued and executed outside Turkey must be notarized and apostilled or alternatively ratified by the Turkish consulate where they are issued. The original executed, notarized, and apostilled documents must be officially translated and notarized by a Turkish notary.

For further information about the documents required to establish a brand and liaison office, please contact to Istanbul Chamber of Commerce.




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