Turkish citizenship

Services provided by Gate Istanbul Company for those wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship

1- Provide support and advice during your search for suitable properties to benefit from the law in line with your expectations.

2- Providing the most suitable properties that meet the conditions at the best prices and the best return

3 - Completion of the purchase until the acquisition of the title (Tabu).

4- Evaluating the properties acquired from the approved licensed entities.

5- Carrying out the necessary procedures to obtain the approval of the real estate from the government agencies (3 years' reservation, evaluation etc.)

6- Provide the accommodation treatment for the investor

7- After obtaining residence submit file of nationality.

8- Follow up with the government and the competent authorities first.

9- The company provides after sales services such as leasing and resale ... etc.

First: Steps to Turkish citizenship through real estate investment

✔ Step 1: Choose the right property

تبدأ باختيار العقار أو العقارات المناسبة والتي تحقق القيمة المطلوبة دون النظر لنوعية العقار إن كان سكنياً أو تجارياً أو قطعة أرض منظمة أو زراعية. والنقاط التي يجب الانتباه لها عند شراء العقار هي:

1- أن يكون للعقار صك ملكية (طابو) بشروط.

2- العقارات التي تم تملكها والحصول على صك ملكيتها قبل صدور القانون غير مشمولة بقانون التجنيس.

3- تثبيت قيمة شراء العقارات

4- تثبيت القيمة الحقيقية في دائرة الصكوك (الطابو)

5- التأكد من سعر صرف العملة حين وقت شراء العقار.

6- أن يكون خالياً من الحجوزات والرهون العقارية.

7- أن يكون عقار كاملاً وليس حصة في عقار وإن كان حصة لها شروط خاصة.

8- تقييم العقار قبل الشراء.

✔ Step 2: Evaluate and buy real estate

  1. تقييم العقار قبل وبعد من جهة مرخصة.
  2. شراء العقار
  3. التعهد بعدم البيع لمدة ثلاثة سنوات.
  4. التقييم الحكومي.

يمكن الاستفادة من العقارات التي تم شراؤها بغرض الجنسية من خلال التأجير أو التشغيل إذا كانت محلات تجارية أو شقق ولا يمكن بيعها لمدة ثلاث سنوات.

Step 2: Evaluate and buy real estate

✔ Step 3: Establish an investor

  1. أخذ موعد للإقامة.
  2. تجهيز الأوراق اللازمة للإقامة.
  3. ضرورة حضور المستثمر للمقابلة عند موعد المقابلة.

✔ Step 4: Obtain Turkish citizenship

1- ملئ الاستمارة الخاصة بالجنسية وتعبئة استمارة الجنسية والتي تتضمن معلومات شخصية وعامة عن المتقدم. بإمكانك تقديم طلب لك ولزوجتك ولأطفالك تحت سن 18 عام. وإذا كانت لك زوجة ثانية تستطيع إرفاقها بالطلب واللجنة لها القرار في أن تمنحها أو لا تمنحها

2- تجهيز أوراق والصور الشخصية للمستثمر وزوجته وأفراد عائلته الأقل من 18 سنة من جواز السفر وشهادة الميلاد ….. الخ.

3- تصديق الأوراق من الجهات المختصة.

Second: Steps to get citizenship through the bank deposit

✔ Step 1: Deposit of citizenship fees and operations of the Regulation and Banking Supervision Agency

Deposit of Citizenship Fees and Operations of the Banking Regulatory and Supervision Agency BDDK:

The amount specified will be deposited within the scope of the Regulation on the application of the Turkish Nationality Law (deposit / subscription fee of US $ 500,000) to a Turkish bank by a foreigner

✔ Step 2: Required documents after opening the bank account

Documents in Turkish / English / Arabic that must be signed after opening the bank account are:

A) a pledge

B) the freezing order

C) Approval

D) Passport

✔ Step3 : Send the required documents from the bank to the BDDK

After signature, Documents are sent from the Bank to the Regulatory and Banking Supervision Agency

✔ Step 4: The Regulatory Agency shall inform the applications identified

The BDDK informs the applications that have been identified and which meet the conditions set forth in the Regulations by letter to

 Directorate General of Citizenship and Directorate General of Immigration,

Send a copy of the said letter via the Internet to the bank to ensure that the person is informed of the matter. The bank will share the relevant speech with the customer.

✔ Step 5: Apply

 The customer can submit his application accompanied by a letter of identification sent from BDDK to the General Directorate of the Passports and Nationality and the Directorate General of the Immigration Department in person or by proxy (lawyer or specialized company).

Frequently asked questions about the decision to acquire the Turkish citizenship by owning properties worth $250,000.

1- Does a foreigner who owns more than one Turkish property totalling to $250,000 have the right to apply for the Turkish citizenship?

Yes, a foreigner who owns real estate with a total value of more than $ 250,000 is entitled to the Turkish citizenship under the latest amendments. It is not required to be a single property.

2- Is the citizenship granted only to the owner of the property or to him and his family?

Turkish citizenship is granted to the owner of the property and all members of his family who are under 18 years of age.

3- Is there a specific currency required to buy a property in Turkey and get the Turkish citizenship?

The decision states that the purchase of a property must be worth $250,000 or its equivalent in foreign currency.

4- Are Individuals who own real estate in Turkey worth $250,000 and above before the recent amendments entitled to apply for Turkish citizenship now?

There is still no statements as to those who own property in Turkey worth $250,000 and above before the issuance of this decision and whether they are entitled to the Turkish citizenship or not.

5- I’m interested to have Turkish citizenship but I hear that the new law still needs some time for further detailing from related governmental departments, is this true?

No sir everything is set now, I know for sure because my lawyers and I have visited all governmental institutions,

They said everything is ready and the law also is ready, so you can apply and get the citizenship.

6- If we are out of turkey …can we apply by our relatives?

You can apply by giving us the power of attorney.

7- Do you have old cases gained the citizenship based on old law and how long did it take?

The process used to take 10-12 months in the old law but with the amendment it takes around 6 months.

8- Do we need to be available inside Turkey during this 6 months?


9- How can we guarantee that the property will be evaluated by 250k USD before buying to avoid cheating from the seller’s?

Before buying we apply to one of the certified evaluation companies and have an evaluation report.

10- Is there an evaluation company guaranteed by the government?

Yes, there are private companies certified by capital markets board, their report is guaranteed and certain.

11- Will have an official stamped report from the authorized agency by the government?

Yes, correct.

12- How much it cost me to apply for Turkish Citizenship by buying a property for $250,000?

It costs around 10,000$… If you come.

13- What about the dependants, do they get the citizenship along with their father?

Wife and children under 18 are included, Handicapped Children over 18 included, Children under 18 of the spouse from the previous marriage are included, with the condition of getting approval from the previous spouse.

14-After I get the citizenship when my wife and my children can get the citizenship?

Father, wife, and children under 18 can apply at the same time.

15- What about the lawyer fees and the total expenses to have the citizenship rather than the property cost?

Excluding the property cost, title transfer fee (3% of the value of the property), evaluation report fee (around 3.000-5.000 Turkish lira)


Our lawyer fee including preparation of documents, making the application at all governmental institutions, following up the procedure both in Istanbul and Ankara and getting the Turkish citizenship for one main applicant and his family including wife and children under 18 is 10.000 USD.


We get half of the payment in advance and the other half when you get the citizenship.


But if you use Gate Istanbul services when you buy property our lawyer fee is 5.000 USD.

16-What are the steps to owning property in Turkey and getting citizenship?

Within the context of such important and motivating decisions regarding ownership of Turkish real estate to obtain the citizenship. There will, inevitably, be a lot of demand for real estate in Turkey. So, it is our duty as a real estate consultancy company to show you the right steps to owning a property in Turkey and applying for Turkish citizenship.

success story

Receipt of the first Turkish passport through real estate investment

The Palestinian investor Abdullah Al-Akkad received the passports and Turkish identity cards from the Turkish Embassy in the UAE for him and his wife and children under 18 years after the issuance of the decision to grant Turkish nationality to him and his family by buying property worth more than 250 thousand dollars

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