Chairman’s speech


Speech of the Director of the Board

  • Since its establishment about nine years ago,  Gate Istanbul  for Investment and Real Estate Consulting  has been an important place among real estate companies and has been carefully to be a link between businessmen and investors on the one hand and property owners in the Turkish market on the other.
  • Thanks to God, we have achieved our dream of developing our company and we have long experience in this field in line with our strategy to establish an integrated entity capable of growing and adapting to the requirements of the Turkish market.
  • Based on our professional experience and the strength and prestige of the Turkish economy
  • many of factors have contributed to our success, including the joint efforts of the Gate Istanbul employees, the strong strategic relationships we have built with our customers and partners
  • And our belief in the values ​​and principles of exclusive trade that ensure mutual benefit on the principle of “win – win”, as well as our commitment to our commitments and to offer high quality and competitive prices
  • In order to meet the requirements of the current and future phase, and based on our comprehensive vision of the real estate market, we recently launched a new identity for Istanbul Gate that will enable us to work in a more modern and committed manner that reflects the company’s responsibility towards its customers
  • We believe that we have to bear the burden on the owner and the investor and provide the time and effort of each and help him to complete the sales or rent for a reasonable and competitive profit rate.
  • I would like to mention that our company has marketed thousands of assets, land, properties and projects in all areas of Istanbul and its environs in a professional and satisfactory manner to all parties. I would like to mention that we are a local company in Istanbul. We are committed to aligning with the ambitious Turkish economic plan adopted by the government known as Vision 2023,
  • We are working to develop the real estate market in such a way as to enable the sector to play its desired role in accordance with the vision directions, and to spread awareness and achieve transparency of information. ” GATE ISTANBUL ” serves all individuals and investors of all categories of low-, medium- or high-income, Investors from clients and others faithfully through an experienced team carefully to satisfy the customer and abide by the rules of professional conduct and ethics with a high level of professionalism and transparency
  • In conclusion, I am pleased to offer this website to all interested and working people and investors in the field of real estate, land and projects, and we have been keen to allow those interested in the field of real estate investment to learn about the latest news and investment opportunities inside and outside Turkey, Property owners and investors to advertise for free on real estate opportunities that they have to sell, rent and manage properties.



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