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Turkish citizenship

Get Turkish citizenship through real estate investment or bank deposit.

Real Estate Consultancy

Request Real estate consultancy service through selected professionals.

Real Estate Opportunities

 important real estate opportunities
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Why Gate Istanbul Real Estate Company

Our company owns relationships and partners

We have relationships and partners that have strong relationships that make them able to enjoy flexibility.

We deal with legally completed projects

We deal with projects that are completed, legally, and without problems.

The first Arab company in the Turkish market

The first Arab company to serve investors after the promulgation of the Law on the abolition of reciprocity.

First company to extract Turkish citizenship

First Real Estate Company extracted Turkish citizenship through real estate investment

first Successful investment with several investors

The success of our first investment with several investors in our company and taking profit.

our Services


We offer you advice and legal advice that helps you to choose the optimum property and we clarify all legal points before and after owning the property.

Property Management

This premium service takes care of customers ' convenience and
enables them to manage their real estate investment remotely

Real Estate Marketing

Our marketing team is highly experienced and efficient in the Turkish real estate market and this has made us at the forefront of customer choice from different countries.

After-sales services

Our relationship with our customers endless with the purchase process, we assist you in all services for your property and follow all procedures

Resale of your property

You can reinvest your property by renting or reselling it and ensuring you get the best return

Distressed assets services

The company have a consultant and a team specialized in solving the problems of the distressed assets real estate.


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Number of clients


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Property with sea view

Steps to create your business in Istanbul

Background information on how to set up your business in Istanbul.

1. Turkish Visa

To get your business license, Depending on the size of your sector, you must apply either to the Department of Licensing and supervision of the Municipality of Istanbul or to the municipality of the sections

2-Bank Account

To apply for a stay, you must have a bank account in Turkey You can easily open an account by visiting your nearest branch. Open an account, you need to provide the following:

3- Residence permit

The provision of parallelism in the practical exercise of international law and the norms of international law has a place in the establishment of a system that respects human dignity

4- Register of commerce

In order to establish a company in Turkey, you must submit the memorandum and the Platform online.

5- Tax Register

The tax registration certificate must be obtained from the local tax office shortly after the Commercial registry office notifies the local tax office

6- Social Insurance

You must register at the Social Security institution to obtain the social Security number.

7- Work permit

You can apply for a work permit in Turkey either while in Turkey or abroad.

8- Operating License

You must apply either to the Licensing and Supervision Directorate of Istanbul Municipality or to the Municipality of the province you plan to invest.

9- Office facilities

Istanbul is a winner in the real estate market, not only thanks to new supplies but also to absorb its stocks.

Success Story

Interview with an investor who has acquired citizenship through real estate investment

In a special meeting with one of the investors who obtained Turkish nationality through real estate investment, the investor Mohammed Al-Arja started his speech by thanking the members of the Istanbul Gate Company represented by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Fuad Badawi and the other members of the company and valued the cooperation, transparency and clarity they presented.

Success Story

Interview with an investor who has acquired citizenship through real estate investment


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